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Curious about Trail Conditions?

Even though we no longer live in Camp Nelson and we're no longer open for business, we still make monthly visits and spend time riding and hiking on the local trails around Camp Nelson. Periodically, we'll report on conditons as things change with the weather, seasons, fires and any Forest Service restrictions that may affect your next visit.

Curious about trail conditions?

News: Thanks to Beth Pfeiler of United Trail Maintainers of California for clearing Summit Trail, Nelson Trail and Freeman Trail, among others, and to Jeff Sherman for clearing Bear Creek this year!

Report Date: July 6th, 2015

General Conditions

Nelson trail has been ridable for most of the Winter and Spring due to the California draught. Bark beetles are making an impact to the area's pine trees and many can be seen as dead brown patches in especially dry areas on the mountain, along with some dead cedar trees as well. All of the trails below have been cleared of fallen trees.

Trail Conditions

See below for trail-specific conditions. For more information about each trail, click the image or text link to view each trail's page with a description, links to route maps on Strava and some of our favorite photos.

Camp Nelson Trail

Camp Nelson Trail Details

Bear Creek Trail

Bear Creek Trail Details

The Camp Nelson Trail is clear from debris and fallen trees, although, one large tree just fell near the top of the trail during high winds in ealry July. Otherwise, the trail is in great condition, as many riders have experienced this year. The Summit trail to Bear Creek Trail was free from down trees that fell last winter, but after high winds in early July, three new trees fell across the trail, but otherwise, the trail is in great shape for summer.

Freeman Creek

Freeman Creek Trail Details

Summit Trail

Summit Trail - Jorda Peak Details

The Freeman Trail is is in good riding shape, and all of the down trees have been removed. The trail is a lot of fun to ride as an out-and-back and it's in great shape. The condition of Summit Trail from Jordan Peak is in good shape for a back country trail. The gate is open and the trees that were down have been removed, but there is some debris on the trail.

Needles Lookout

Needles Lookout Trail Details

Trail Maintenance

Trail Maintenance Details

The Needles Lookout tower burned down in 2011 and there are currently plans to rebuild the historical lookout. The gate to access the trail is open. We're taking a break this season, since it was a light snow year with very few storms.